Neil Stakes is a Registered Chiropractor and is a member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA). He has worked with the South African National Field Hockey Team and served on the academic staff at the Technikon Natal before being recruited to Singapore in 2001. Since then he has joined The Singapore Chiropractic Association and has held various positions on the executive committee, including President, Vice-President, Secretary and Hon Treasurer. He is actively involved in promoting the profession through talks and is a firm believer in exercise and fitness.

Lilly Leong received her Masters' Degree: Homeopathy after having completed a 6 year academic and 1 year internship. She also conducted a placebo controlled double blind clinical research on the management of post-operative pain using homeopathy. It was pioneering move in the integrative approach for the medical community in South Africa. She was relocated to Singapore about 4 years ago and has since expanded her practice. She often contribute articles for the health section (1 Ailments 3 approaches) in TODAY and was also featured in Channel News Asia, Channel U and Channel 5.

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